Graham with family in France

Photos by: Ross, Sue.

ROSS: ​​ Fred Briggs' grave, according to the official site he doesn't have one, well, we remember u Private Fred Briggs.

I never really truly understood war, or the sacrifice these men made, and I remind myself, this is nothing compared to all the war. RIP

Graveyard in Arras, 39000 dead here, and not even a quarter have a gravestone. (7 photos)

The last pic, of the wall, is covered completely in names, a wall attached is over 50 meters long and is 4-5 meters high, is engraved with tens of thousands of names, hard to get on one pic

5 names, one gravestone, WW1

Let me tell u a story, of my great great great uncle, Arthur Briggs. 100 years ago now he was a soldier, fighting for us in France. But he got news, his partner was pregnant and she had no income or house to look after the child in, so in desperation, Private Arthur Briggs ran away. He was caught eventually in Edinburgh and arrested. Then he was taken to France and court marshalled. He was shot at dawn for desertion and his body taken 70 miles away, and he was buried in Hersin, a French town near the front line with British soldiers who fell in battle. RIP all those who died unfairly.

Ross Winter I forgot to say, he married his partner 2 days before he was arrested and shot
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Sheila Winter Fred Winter was killed towards the end of the Great war aged 19. He has no known grave but is remembered on the Menin Gate . He would have
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Ross Winter We are visiting his memorial today 7 August at 06:42 · Like · 1

Alan Winter finish your sentences , Mum 7 August at 10:44 · Like

Ross Winter Wait, who Is Fred winter?
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Sheila Winter Ross.. sorrry i put the wrong name in It should have been Fred Townend. He was your Grandads Uncle...Your great great, Uncle He was in the Durham Light Infantry We have his certicate and photograph. 7 August at 19:28 · Like

Sue Winter Sheila Winter Is this him?

Private Fred Townend ( - 1917) - Find A Grave Memorial
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Sheila Winter It could be..... Geoff is going to check with his cousin for parents names Thanks for the link...
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Sheila Winter iT CAN'Tbe him as the names of parents are not the same..... unless something has got mixed up somehow.
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Alan Winter fred was in durham light infantry - died towards end of war aged about 19 24 hours ago · Like

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Can you do me a BIG favour 'Cos i am a bit thick... and cant do it meself
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