Social Media Update

I attended a training session at The Incuba centre, Dunstable, recently.

Yo- Tool to remind people of events. As in, "give us a call when you get there" is replaced, by "give us a yo", or quick message. Or maybe in business, get people to subscribe to your yo's, and then when you release a new product, you send a you, with a quick link to where they can find out more.

Kickstarter-fundraising tool based on peoples’ pledges.

Facebook-constantly changing. Sharing and liking content increases views, more video is being sent out, suggestion that FB is becoming less influential and is no longer a forerunner.

Twitter- a pin is available for important tweets to be kept at the top of your account.

LinkedIn- Business network, can start discussion groups

LinkedIn Pulse- Business online magazine

Ello- new sort of facebook without advertising

YouTube- suggested to be viewed as a tv station. People subscribe and get notified when you upload another. Ease of upload nowadays.

Pinterest- Imaging sharing and links to common interests.

Vimeo-posh Youtube.

Buffer - tool to allow content to be scheduled. Latest blog from Buffer gives even more social media updates