For the past couple of weeks I had been scouring the net to try to recall the name of a game we used to play in the Winter household. All I could recall was that it was some sort of maze game, with a smiley face involved, wasn't PACMAN, had an electronic card feel to it, and a zany electronic sound track.

Now I have re-found it! It's got quite a fan base and it's name is Supaplex. Its available on iTunes to download, if you're into Macs, but I got it working my Windows 8.1 and now a Windows 10 PC via a thing called a DOSBox. The game was meant for really old PC's not our modern ones. But I found a way to download and install it.

For me, I went to then scrolled down to "Supaplex does not work on my computer". Underneath that is a link to " "64 bit installer", and that link downloads the installer. That then installs the DosBox as well as the Supaflex files, and gets you started.

It's got all the electronic sounds and everything. The start screen turns your mouse into a wand so it takes a bit of figuring what to do, and you also use left-right up down keys on a keyboard. The Return and ESC keys also come in useful, too!

For me, this is exciting!