How To Manage Pages in Facebook

Sorry! as of 1 Sept 2016 much of this is redundant now because Facebook have again changed things around. If you can't find the Pages that your Page has liked, try this

1. This is your view on a desktop when you are logged in as yourself:

2. Now select the arrow at the top right to see the Pages you manage:

3. Click the Page you want to manage. I'll select Busway News, and the screen that comes up looks like this:

The Page Name is shown in the Facebook search box, so you'll know where you are.

4. The Notifications tab indicates 3 things to be checked out. I'll select Notifications now, and the view changes to:

In this view you can quickly select the Likes, and just the Likes are displayed in the Right hand column. Maybe check the "Select all" box, and "Mark All as Read".

5. Next, Select "Comments" and just the Comments are displayed in the right hand column. Selecting a particular comment gives you the comment in a pop-out box. If you wanted to, you could right click on the link to the individual comment and open it up in a new tab.

In the pop-out box you could respond to post as the Page, replacing the words "Write a comment":

Alternatively, you could respond as yourself, or as one of the other Pages you edit, by selecting from the dropdown:

6. At view (4) above, the left hand panel had "Activity". Go back, and click "Activity". This shows you who is mentioning your Page.

7. At view (4) above, the left hand panel had "Requests". Go back, and click "Requests". This shows you "Information Requests".

7a. When you think you have dealt with all the Likes, Comments, Shares, and Other in the Notifications view, refresh the page (F5) and the number in the red circle by Notifications should go away.

8. Click on "Page" at view 3, above. This takes you to the Timeline for your Page. In the Left hand column there is an important "View Pages Feed" link.

9. Clicking "View Pages Feed"  enables you to see the posts of the Pages that your Page likes. You can scroll through this list.

10. In this view you can Share posts by selecting the "share" button under the post:

11. You can choose where you want to share it, and the capacity in which you want to share it. This gives you a lot of flexibility.

12. Before pressing "Post" press the down arrow next to the Public icon:

12.1 Demographics enables you to select an audience.

13. Cancel off Demographics for now,  press the "Post" button. {On a personal note, I wish there was also the option to "Schedule" the post so that it comes on my Pages at a later time and date, but for now, this is not available, but there are workarounds}.

14. Go Back to the view at step 9. Press the "Like Other Pages" button. Here you can try typing in relevant words to see if there are new relevant Pages you might want to follow. Facebook gives you some suggestions.

If you found article this useful, would you like me to produce further guides to using Facebook? Please comment below.