The Move

I'm stood near desk A looking all around me. Other people are wandering around actively looking for their desk. They're all working for BP, like me, and we're in the middle of a huge move to this new location.The boxes around "A" lead me to believe that this is my desk, whereas the majority of the other folk are milling around the point marked "Other desks". The ceiling height is enormous.

I notice that where there are clocks, some near me say 7am, whereas the majority down there have clocks set to 8am. I'm wondering which is right? Down at the end marked "other desks" I notice people are locating their own office phones - all of them have been labelled up with their owners names on them. Then they are looking for nearby place points in the false floor where they can plug them in. I go back to desk A, find my phone clearly labelled, too, and begin to look for somewhere to plug it in. There are so many shipping boxes around me, waiting for things to be unpacked, and the desk legs seem to be in the way of any potential under-floor socket for this phone.

I walk down to "B". Now here's a thing. Here's another very familiar desk. It's mine. So, I have two desks. If I sit at this one I'll have a view through the glass window in front of me, and be able to overlook who enters and exits the building. On the down side, I'll have my back to a corridor where every Tom Dick and Harry walks past. From here I look through these windows, I see my brother, apparently finishing a meal. Given the time of day I presume it's breakfast. He's on his own, surrounded by lots of plain tables, so this has to be the 'canteen' area. Behind him is a white solid screen.

I walk back to desk A, and then beyond to where there are "More Desks", still looking at my brother sitting in the canteen. Suddenly, my angle of view now altered, I can see behind the white screen. Now, I can see my sister-in-law sitting at another table and she's starting to eat. I go over towards her, say hello, and tell her Michael is on the other side of the screen. "Oh!" she says, "Never saw him".