How to set up Friend Lists in Facebook

All and sundry don't necessarily want everything you post on Facebook. So try to target your posts to people with special connections, or interests. And you can also change the Sharing option later.

This guide will help those who don't understand how to set up a friend list, to just send to specific people. For example, to your relatives only, or to just those friends who live in one area, or to people who enjoy a good laugh (maybe Aunty Mabel doesn't like your crude jokes but your Uncle does), or just a special list of those you went to school with.

To create a Friends list on a PC, 

go to:
1. Your Home feed.
2. Locate Friends Lists on the left-hand column.
3. Select Create List.

Making the Post - Selecting the friend list

After you have created a list of people, you can select which friends you want to send to.

Write the post, then go to the sharing setting:

To find the group of friends to send to, you may have to click "More" at the foot of the list, which then presents you with this screen:

And you may even have to click "See All" :

After clicking "See All", when you hover over the pop-out box, a scroll line will appear on the right-hand side. Use the mouse wheel to scroll through until you get the group you want to share with:

 You have now changed the sharing setting: Note the change to the share setting at bottom of box.

Changing the sharing status

If you have already made a post and want to change who you shared it with, select the icon just under your name, and scroll through the pop-up window list to find the correct group to share it with.