Tips on Logitech Set Point Mouse Settings

The CTRL is an abbreviation for Control, and it's the main key on your Windows PC that you use for keyboard shortcuts. Assigning some of the Ctrl keys to your mouse can be time-saving.

Ctrl + Z – Enables you to undo the last action or several actions depending how many undo actions the application supports. Example: If you deleted a selected line of text or an image, you can easily use these keys combination to retrieve the selected line text back.
Ctrl + A – Enables you to select everything (pictures, text; etc.) on a document, website page, or files and folders.
Ctrl + X – Enables you to cut selected text, pictures and files.
Ctrl + C – Enables you to copy selected text, pictures and files.
Ctrl + V – Enables you to paste text, pictures and files that you previously cut or copy.
Ctrl + F – Enables you to start a search within an application.
Ctrl + S – Enables you to save a document or save changes to the already saved document.
Ctrl + O – Enables you to open a document.
Ctrl + N – Enables you to create a new document.

I find that having a controllable scroll wheel is very handy. I’m always copying and pasting stuff, so flicking the mouse wheel left is assigned to Keystroke Ctrl+C, and flicking the mouse wheel right is assigned to Keystroke Ctrl+V.

Incidentally, to set this up, you don't type the letters into the Keystroke box, you actually have to click in the box, then do the actual keystrokes.

Some mouse wheels also allow you to depress the middle scroll button, too. I have mine set to Shift+Ctrl+T. So if I have accidentally closed a tabbed window, depressing the middle button automatically brings it back.

The default setting for the 4th button on the side is Forward. I've only ever found that a problem, when I accidentally pressed it, so instead I have that set to Keystroke Ctrl+F. That brings up a search box in the browser window, a word, text, Excel, or a pdf file, to help you find a piece of text.

Another good one is Ctrl+Z, to undo something. I've assigned that to the "Back" button. Kind of makes sense.