How to Curb Swearing And Unwanted Comments On A Facebook Page

What do to about sweary words on Facebook?
Well if you Admin a Page, you can create a list of profanity words that Facebook will use to check before it published the comment underneath your Facebook Page post.

You set the profanity words in the section Settings> General >Page Moderation

At this point, you are able to
"Block posts or comments containing the following words"
You have the opportunity to enter the profanity words one by one, or alternatively you can upload a .csv file.

You can create a simple text file with one word on each line (no commas) and then save that as .CSV file.
Upload that file to Facebook . Don't forget to click SAVE.

(Hint!) You could make your competitor a profanity!

When you, as Page Admin, make a post someone might comment on it using a profanity word. It might even be someone suggesting that people shop at your competitors place rather than with you. 
In the example below, Marge Arita comments with profanity, and on their own profile it looks like this:

You, as Page Admin, will see Marge Arita comments as three grey dots.
When you hover over the three dots you can see what Marge wrote and select Edit or Delete.

On the other hand, Members of the Public reading the same post, WILL NOT see Marge's comments, or the three dots. Which means when they post and you're asleep, you can carry on sleeping without worry about what's happening on your Page:

Page Admin further views:

Further Public views (Marge's comment is not visible)
... And what it now looks like to Marge: If there are comments responding to Marge, they will be her friends presumably ok with her language, but the general public won't see. Admin can also still view.

Marge could edit or delete her own post:

... but even if she did, her comment would still be hidden to the public and appear greyed out to the Page Admin: