The Problems With Answering Facebook Group Joining Questions

A lot of applicants to my Facebook groups do not answer the question about agreeing to the group rules before joining. The question is preordained by Facebook who provide a checkbox to confirm that the applicant has read the rules.

Setting Up Multiple Choice Questions

A group administrator can set up questions to be answered in the ...More, Moderate Group, Membership Questions section... I set up two Multiple Choice questions.

Group Rules can be turned off or on. The blue switch below indicates turned on.

How it should look to an applicant after they have answered the multiple choice questions (this is from iPad3 Facebook app)

Typical (fustrating) Response received from unknown device:

1. Note that the answers given have  been written in by the applicant and not taken from the options provided by the admin 

Ipad via the Desktop

In this particular case, Mulitple Choice answers are available to the applicants who should see something like this view on iPad and desktop site:

1. While answering the multiple-choice questions, there is no option to write independently anything else.

IPad via Facebook App

1. The problem here is that the Submit button is made available to the user, BEFORE they have scrolled down further to see and agree to follow the rules.

The mobile site on iPad

Going through the mobile site, click on join and this is presented:

1. The multiple-choice questions set up by the admin are not present at all.
2. The Group Rules from the admin are listed. (not clear if there is a checkbox)

Android mobile using desktop Facebook site through Samsung browser

1. The circles and checkbox may be too feint for some eyes.

Using Android Mobile 

Using Android Facebook App

Then, Scroll down to see: 

Android mobile, Mobile Facebook Site

1. The two multiple-choice questions go represented. 

2. Does not seem to be a checkbox to tick.

Laptop running Windows 10 and Chrome

Laptop using  site instead of

iPhone on (browser was safari )

iPhone Facebook App

iPhone, desktop site via chrome

Applying via on Edge browser

and as soon as you ONE option the Submit button goes blue and if you press Submit your application goes to the admin.

Please help test this by trying to apply to


  • I am grateful to Romayne Squires for testing application to a group over various devices, apps and browsers.