Family Tree Notes

Alfred Danby Winter

My grandfather was named Alfred Danby Winter, born 11th April 1906, Leeds District West sub district. Mother was Emily WINTER formerely SCOTT, a cook, (domestic). Father's name was unrecorded on the birth certificate, which was written 21st May 1906. Residence of mother 6 Back Carlton Mount, Leeds.
My grandmother (Alf's long life wife) once showed me a paper indicating that a sum of £50 had been paid by a gentelman (believed a gentleman farmer of Harrogate) intended to keep the young Alfred Danby Winter in care. From notes I took at the time of taking this information "Kilin Hall" was mentioned, although I don't know the significance of this. The nearest I can find to Kilin Hall, is "Kiplin Hall" at google map. To the the east of this location is the village of Danby Wiske, (to the north of Northallerton.)
I was told by unrelated people who spent most of the time raising Alf, that his mother Emily was in service and visited the boy at intervals. Later his mother took a fish and chip shop and they both lived "for several years" on Manchester Road, Linthwaite, Huddersfield, until her death, when he returned to the unrelated people until his marriage.
There has been speculation particularly from my father, Geoffrey WINTER, that Alf had a half brother Robert, once a soldier who worked at Rolls Royce and had children of his own, but I have been unable to uncover any more information relating to this.
From Alfred's marriage certificate 23 November 1929, it states that his father's name was Robert WINTER (deceased). Rank of father "gardener".
Speculation. As you can tell from this, there is nothing to tell us that his father's surname was indeed Danby. It could simply have been chosen from a placename close to where Emily Winter was in service, possibly at Kilpin Hall (this speculation will prompt me to write to this place).
If you have any further suggestions as to how I might proceed, please enlighten me.
Either way, I thank you for your time and await any response with great anticipation.
Sincerely, Alan D. Winter