Trial Post using Android Blogger App

Hi I am a software tester. I have reviewed the app. Takes a little getting used to. Edited one post several times in free flow text but after several edits the displayed text editor showed my text with html code wrapped around it. Weird. This app allows multiple images. Images are displayed at foot of blog. The other disappointment was that for a tablet pinch and zoom control didn't work for viewing blogs so text was very small to read.

I have several blogs on blogger. The app allows me to select the blog I want.

From the App on my Acer Iconia A500 Tab I launched the front camera, to take a picture of myself in landscape mode. Then I added a fish drawing from my Acer gallery that I had made earlier. Then I wrote the last sentence and launched the back camera to add another landscape from within the app, and added that to the blog. It's a woman talking about Laura Ashley on tv. Sorry I don't know her name. Finally, after writing all text in this blog, except for this sentence, a back camera picture of a plant in portrait mode and as you can see there appears to be no control over which order the pictures are presented in on your final post.

The editor window puts thumbnails of your pictures for the blog post at the bottom of the screen and text at the top.
At the moment I am not sure how the picture will look in the layout. There doesn't seem to be any way to add caption to the image .

In the "create blog view" there are three icons top right:
1. The first is an arrow. Not  immediately obvious what that button does. On investigation it turns out to be the publish button. A popup asks if you want to publish, yes or no. No returns you to the editor.
2. The  next button is a floppy disc icon. The floppy disc icon turns out to save the blog as a draft. As increasing numbers of people have never handled a floppy disc I wonder if a new icon needs to be dreamt up? The screen you end up on can leave you wondering where you are now and where your post has gone, but I found pressing button top left enabled me to, eventually, display all posts. This  post was listed as a draft.
3. Then there is a bin button which presumably means delete so I dare not touch that for now.

Assuming you publish the blog, the blog is now displayed. This is a disappointment as the text is very small and pinch touch control does not work to make it larger. Rotating the tablet to landscape view does not enlarge the text either.

In published view the app offers three icons top right. numbered 456 in my notes.
4. Share to all your usual locations.
5. Edit which brings you right back into editor window.
6. Delete.

Caution When Editing. From the editor window, just pressing the "publish" button just reshows you what you published before. You need to touch the "back" arrow top left to display all your "Posts". Then select your draft Post from the titles. Then select "publish" arrow button. Wallah. Your edits are now visible.

In the "view all posts" screen, if you just touch a Published post (don't Select it) you then get a choice of "View" "Edit"  "Share" or "Delete."

In the "view all posts" view, if you Select a Published post so that the check box is checked you then get a choice of "View" "Edit"  "Share" or "Delete." or from the top bar of the App, you get the choice of icons representing "publish", "edit", "delete", "view", or "share".

In the "view all posts" screen, if you select a Draft post you then get a choice from the icons top left of "Publish" "Save" or "Delete."

I have edited this post several times now and for no understandable reason the edit window is suddenly populated with html code wrapped around my freehand text. Weird. But I shall continue to add free text. Herein lies a problem because I had wanted this section laid out with separate paragraphs and to achieve that I would need to add the html code. From the "view all posts " screen a new post can be started by clicking one of the buttons top right: (My button numbers for reference) 7. "camera" button. This launched the Acer's camera. I took a portrait of a plant. clicked "Done and the image was saved and displayed as a thumbnail in the editor window. I then pressed the publish button numbered "1" above. Result, see Plant posting. 8. "pen " button which gives you the edit window.